Hello!  My name is Heidi Scarano and I am the STEM teacher at CAI Learning Academy.  I bring with me 18 years of experience in science from microbiology and chemistry to pathology.  I have a B.S. from Lebanon Valley College in Natural Sciences, a M.S. from Columbus University in General Psychology and a K-6 Teaching Certification from Albright College.  After many years in the science field, I had my daughter and switched fields into education.  I've been teaching in public schools for 14 years prior to joining CAI.
In my spare time, which is few and far between, I enjoy snorkeling, photography, and animals.  Our household is loaded with critters, from amphibians and reptiles to birds and mammals!  I also enjoy visiting other countries and have visited seven so far. There are so many more on my bucket list!
I love to get the students excited about the science world around them.  As Albert Einstein once said, "the important thing is to never stop questioning."