Frequently Asked Questions

Why did CAI start a school?

CAI’s CEO, Tony Salvaggio, has a passion for ensuring at-risk, low income children receive a quality education. Prior to opening CAI Learning Academy, he invested business resources, both people and finances, to support organizations that educate low income youth to provide them with better futures. Opening CAI Learning Academy was the natural next step for CAI to take.

Who is CAI?

CAI is an Information Technology Services firm that helps commercial and public sector organizations solve their business problems. As a business, CAI is committed to helping its clients drive value, improve productivity, and enhance the customer experience through the use of technology. For more information visit

How is CAI Learning Academy different from other schools?

Our students will receive a well-rounded, holistic education. Our curriculum places a large emphasis on English language arts and math instruction, but students will never miss an opportunity to learn about the sciences, social studies, physical education, art, and music. Additionally, we offer an educational setting that promotes small class sizes, small group instruction, and the use of technology to provide individualized instruction to all students.

Is CAI Learning Academy able to accommodate students with special needs?

CAI Learning Academy is committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students. CAI, through CLIU 21, offers Guidance and Speech & Language Services. In addition to working with the CLIU 21 and local sending school district, all of the faculty at CAI Learning Academy has experience and training in a variety of areas that allow us to provide support to our students.

How much is tuition?

$12,800 per academic year. Full and partial scholarships are available.

When are tuition payments due?

Tuition is due monthly.

How many scholarships are available?

Scholarship availability may change from year to year. Please contact the Main Office for more details.

How do I qualify for a scholarship?

To qualify for a scholarship the parent(s)/guardian(s) must demonstrate financial need. You will need to provide proof of household income, i.e., current tax return or a W-2.

Will you serve food to my child?

CAILA qualifies to serve breakfast, snack, and lunch to 100% of its students through the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Meals are prepared off-site at a local catering company and delivered to the school Monday through Friday.

Is transportation available?

Transportation will be available for students based on their location within their sending school district. Please contact the Main Office for more information.

Who can enroll in the summer program?

All students enrolling in CAI Learning Academy's Kindergarten Program for the upcoming school year are required to participate in the program. Students entering grades 1st through 5th  are encouraged to participate to prevent summer learning loss.

How long does the summer program run?

The summer program runs for approximately 5 weeks. Please check the Summer Program Page for more details and specific dates or contact the Main Office.

Is there a tuition for the summer program?


Is CAILA a tax exempt organization?

Yes. To view our 501(c)3 Determination Letter, click here.