$12,800 Annual Tuition Cost

Each year CAI provides scholarship funds in excess of $1,000,000 to families of low income children who wish to attend CAI Learning Academy. Our trustees have authorized financial aid for all families who demonstrate that their resources are not sufficient to meet full tuition expenses. When applying to CAI Learning Academy please consider the presence of financial aid and do not let the price of tuition influence your decision to apply. For scholarship information contact the office administrator.

Other Costs

number two icon $45 per family

FACTS Application Fee

number three icon $35 per child

FACTS Scholarship Fee

number four icon $45 per child

Technology Fee

number five icon $30 per child

Book Fee

4th and 5th Grade Only

number five icon $125/$155

Total Fee Costs

Grades K-3/Grades 4-5

All fees paid by Parents/Caregivers are due at the time of enrollment.

FACTS Financial Management System

We are pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans, as well as the Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment. Apply online at FACTS.

Call us at 610-841-3588 with your questions.