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CAILA Garden

The CAI Learning Academy Garden is a small fenced-in garden on the northern side of the building. It features several types of plants, a walking path, and a teepee. The intention in creating the garden was to give our students a green space in the middle of the city that they could play and learn in. The space doubles as an outdoor natural sciences lab for our students. This year, they have built birdhouses to try to invite some wildlife into the garden, done yoga in it, and released butterflies into it after learning about their life cycle. Our students also helped to create and maintain the garden by helping with weeding and other tasks. The project was helped along by our volunteers to take it from an empty lot to how it looks today. We look forward to using the space to further our students' education moving forward.

All the elements in place, getting ready to plant

All the elements in place, getting ready to plant

Planting complete and the first layer of mulch down

The finished garden with walking path filled in